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Workshop Presentation Highlights Reel

Show highlights from the 2017 Workshop Presentation of Between Worlds at ATYP, Sydney. 

Title Song: Between Worlds

The moment of first contact between the British and Hawaiians at Kealakekua Bay draws everyone into the whirlwind of change and uncertainty. Tupaia, Cook’s Tahitian spiritual guide, pulls him towards the godly realm; Elizabeth struggles to hold him in her world.

It Isn't Over Now

James Cook must decide whether or not to leave behind his Hawaiian godly status; he imagines Elizabeth’s passionate plea to return home to her.

The Kumulipo

Lono priests honour Cook as a manifestation of Lono, their god of peace, reciting the sacred creation chant composed for Lono-i-ka-makahiki.


Some crew members voice their rebellious intentions against James Cook’s command, after weeks of sailing around the Island of Hawai’i without landing.

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