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Commander James Cook, 1778, aboard the Resolution in Arctic waters off Siberia, rouses his crew to find their elusive prize—The Northwest Passage.

Vocals: Paul Whiteley, Jason Langley, Brett O'Neill, Marika Aubrey


Officers Bligh and Williamson fault Cook’s harsh shipboard rule; Lt King and old Watman passionately defend their commander.

Vocals: Gareth Hudson


Upon Hikiau Temple, Priestess Mahealani performs the Kumulipo creation story, welcoming Cook as Lono, god of the New Year

Vocals: Marissa Saroca, Gareth Hudson

Wildly Unexpected

Priestess Mahealani and Lt King find themselves caught in the stirrings of love.

Vocals: Marika Aubrey, Brett O'Neill

Between Worlds

Finale of Act 1: British and Hawaiians alike become caught between worlds in a whirlwind of time, as Cook’s willingness to be the god Lono sets the course for his own fate.

Vocals: Gareth Hudson

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(Songs are demo tracks. Not official releases of show recordings.)


The Workshop Process

Some of the Between Worlds workshop actors talk about the rehearsal process leading up to the staged workshop performance at ATYP on the 15-16 July, 2017. 

In Search of Lono

On a journey to understand the Hawaiian god Lono, Gareth and Nick, creators of Between Worlds, traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii to begin writing the show. They were helped by their friend and cultural advisor, Kahikāhealani Wight.


Enjoy this little video of their trip and what they discovered. 

The Songwriting Process

A behind the scenes video with Gareth & Nick recording a demo of the song "Blind" from Between Worlds.


Blind is an argument in song form between James Cook’s supporters, Lt King and Old Watman, and his detractors, William Bligh and Lt Williamson, who are upset at their Commander’s strict shipboard rules and openness to the Hawaiians.

Behind the Libretto

Director Jason Langley and Musical Director Michael Tyack talk; James Cook, musical fusion, and the upcoming workshop performance of Between Worlds.

The story of Between Worlds

Jason gives his thoughts on the story in Between Worlds and what it means to him. 

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